Daniel Parrilli

Making a Good Impression,

  • on your Patient
  • for your Lab

In this hands on course, learn about materials and techniques that put you in control, rather than letting the material control you.  You will work at the bench with materials with several methods using a material that actually likes a wet field.

Review procedural aspects on impression taking that will ensure getting a great impression the first time.  Save time in avoiding that second impression which costs precious time and money…and also avoids the embarrassment of having to explain the need for taking another impression to the patient.

Conventional impressions using an Auto Mix Machine is an effective, efficient and accurate use of materials.  The machines are available at no cost and provide better productivity at lower materials cost…learn how and why by using them yourself in this program.

Daniel Parrilli, MBA, BSC, FADFE

Began a lengthy dental industry career in 1970 with experience in production, production and inventory control, product management, customer service, marketing, business development and general management.  Most of the career has been in executive management with leading and well known global dental materials companies.  Has been active as a former board member of the Dental Trade Alliance, and Chair of the American Dental Assistants Assoc Foundation.  Currently the General Manager of Kettenbach LP, the USA Business Unit of Kettenbach GmbH.

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