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Paul Vigario

Founder & President of SurfCT.com
TOPIC: Utilizing Technology in the 21st Century Dental Practice

Practice incorporating the right new technologies can improve your practice dramatically by getting more new patients, simplifying practice management, increasing patient understanding, allowing greater efficiency, saving time, developing better integration among your systems, significantly impressing your patients with your up-to-date approach to their oral care, while reducing overhead and providing a rapid and substantial return on your investment. Patients are much more likely to say “YES” when they are confident that their doctor is providing them with the best and most modern treatment available.

You Will Learn How with Applied Systematic Digital Strategies, Properly Designed & Integrated Computer Technology.

You Can
◆ Grow Your Practice Faster
◆ Get More New Patients In Your Practice
◆ Develop Systems That Inform Patients Of Treatment Options
◆ Increase Overall Treatment Acceptance
◆ Get Better ROI On Your Current Technology
◆ Achieve The Perfect Digital Workflow◆ Achieve Your Vision Faster
◆ Practice Smarter, Do More Of What You Enjoy, Create Your Bliss™


paul-vigarioVigario is the 35-year-old founder and president of  SurfCT.com – The Dental Information Technology Company. Paul and his company have helped expand the IT field by educating and supporting the dental community.  Technology development   is   escalating exponentially changing the landscape of the dental industry, and is sure to continue its fast-paced growth as its been proven to automate and drive practice growth. This allows Paul and SurfCT to continually offer exciting new means of providing modern, reliable, innovative, informative, and quality technology care for dentists and their patients.

Vigario started his company from the ground up  in  2003  after  graduating  from  the University of Connecticut with a bachelor’s degree  in  Management  /  Computer Information Systems and a focus on healthcare technology.

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