Dr. Shouresh Charkhandeh

DDS | Sleep Dentistry Expert
Topic: The “Sleep” Revolution & The Evolution of “Dental Sleep Medicine” – Co-presented with Norman Thomas

“Dental Sleep Medicine (DSM) has been one of the fastest growing areas of dentistry over the past decade. It is estimated that the Sleep ApneaDiagnostic and therapeutics market will grow to over $7 billion by 2019. The Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT) market will continue to grow  by over 5 times, to over 1 million patient treated every year in the US market alone by 2023.

Although Dental Sleep Medicine, may seem like a relatively new area in this field, Sleep Medicine has been around for many years and the pathophysiology of Obstructive Sleep Apnea have been known for over 3 decades.

This lecture will allow the audience to learn more about the history, pathophysiology and pathogenesis of the Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Sleep Disordered Breathing and it’s systemic health consequences, when left untreated.

Also, the latest technology developments and research findings in the field of Dental Sleep Medicine will be discussed. The audience will also get a great understanding of the latest treatment options available to the patient and will learn about practice management and implementation tools and ideas; including digital work-flow model.

Most importantly the presenters will discuss the important role of dentistry in this field and why every dentist should learn about DSM and OAT.”


shouresh-2-no-backdropDr. Charkhandeh received his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) Degree and Bachelor of Medical Sciences from the University of Alberta, Canada.

Dr. Charkhandeh is a general dentist who maintains a group of private practices in Edmonton and Calgary with an interest in Dental Sleep Medicine and TMD. He is actively involved in clinical research in Dental Sleep Medicine and his research focuses on developing new technologies to improve treatment outcome predictability and patient selection in Oral Appliance Therapy for patients with OSA (i.e. Obstructive Sleep Apnea). He is the “Chief Dental Officer” at Zephyr Sleep Technologies, the developer of “MATRx TM” Technology. He is the recipient of the “2012 & 2015 Clinical Research Award” and “2015 Clinical Excellence Award” from the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM). He has lectured at numerous meetings such as American Academy of Sleep Medicine Annual Meeting, AADSM Annual Meeting, IAO (International Association for Orthodontics) Annual Meeting, and many more Sleep meetings across North America. He is also the “Clinical Director” at The Snore Centre in Calgary, Alberta; a multidisciplinary clinic offering diagnostic and treatment services for snoring, sleep apnea and other sleep disorders. Dr. Charkhandeh is a major advocate for the importance of a multi-disciplinary approach to Dental Sleep Medicine which focuses on the collaboration of Sleep Physicians, Sleep Dentists and other healthcare professionals. He has been treating OSA patients for many years and also has trained hundreds of dentists in Dental Sleep Medicine.

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