2017 DSD Growth Summit

October 19-21, 2017 Lake Louise, AB

It is established knowledge to us that dentistry is changing, fundamentally and structurally, on every level. The biggest buzzwords today are “digitization and corporatization” and these dynamics are rapidly redefining our industry.
Yet, ironically in our view, where there remains extensive focus on the clinical, restorative, and technical levels, there remains a commensurately disproportionate focus on the technological innovations underway. Specifically, we are failing to grasp the efficacies and economics of these technologies and the vital entrepreneurial and business discipline required to not only survive, but thrive in the new dental economy.

Correspondingly, the purpose of this summit is to step back and provide the audience with an external view of how technology and corporatization are disrupting traditional business models and consumer behavior. We take a step outside of the “dental bubble” and provide you access to the premiere opinion leaders on applied technology and the art and discipline of entrepreneurism.

Moving down the “knowledge funnel” we then feature the leading minds in dentistry to share with you their wisdom on how technology is transformative. They will explain how, by choosing certain technologies and materials, they were able to make the technology in their practices a sustainable and growing success.

Finally, to help you translate your educational experience into practical and implementable action in your own practice, we will introduce to you one of the leading business minds and strategy implementers in North America today. Through a proven Q&A approach, he will help you prioritize your needs and desires into actionable success plans.


“I had no expectations when I looked into this course because I had another meeting booked first in California.  I thought it would be dull…well I was amazed by the speakers, great events – Happy I did not miss it!  Should have brought my Partners! :)”

-Dr. Francois Dupuis

“It’s great to see that as a lab technician who is already so digital, that dentists are heading down the same path.  Also that Digital Dentistry has come so far and is improving what we can do as professionals and the patients we service”

-Milan Jovanovic