Albert Giralt Cadevall

AVINENT Dentistry 4.0

Patient Focused Solutions

AVINENT’s mission is to achieve a high level of satisfaction among patients through the application of today’s most advanced medical technologies.

Technology, innovation and science form the basis for AVINENT’s ongoing commitment to fulfilling this mission. AVINENT was founded on these values, which have strengthened over the years through the positive experiences shared by our team and the many unique people who believed in our solutions and have used our products or services successfully.

The dental sector is inevitably entering the digital era, so we are adapting accordingly to become a true “technological partner”, bringing the most disruptive innovations to our customers and helping to integrate them into their day-to-day business. A wide range of technologies are currently available: machining, milling, CAD/CAM, design software, thousands of digital processes and communications, medical imaging, 3D printing of models with textures and millions of colours, enabling us to constantly and completely rethink everything that we do. We manage this challenges by operating as multidisciplinary teams that proactively work to ensure AVINENT can offer the optimum solution for every case. Of course, every case is unique.

We need to meet challenges as diverse as designing an implant, manufacturing a prosthesis, or creating a fully personalised hyper realistic model, precisely because as we stated, each customer and each patient is unique. Personalisation is the future, both in terms of products and the entire system they involve. This is our challenge.

This is Dentistry 4.0 and this is the approach that will enable us to fulfil our mission. We like to think of it as a set of new tools that considerably improve our customers’ experience and contribute to improving treatment outcomes, and ultimately, each patient’s quality of life. In effect, it is a product of converging technologies, connectivity between systems, and ongoing cooperation between medical professionals and the industry in developing the best treatment for each patient. Dentistry 4.0., therefore, is a totally patient focused solution.

Dentistry is a very broad field and AVINENT likes to adopt an integrated approach, viewing each different role (dentists, implantologists, prosthodontists, dental prosthesis technicians, maxillofacial surgeons, etc.) as key and fully interrelated.

This operational approach really comes into its own when tackling highly complex cases, often linked to major traumas or cancer-related conditions, which call for the highest level of professional rigour and medical specialisation. We have created a specific division, AVINENT Digital Health, precisely to deal with this kind of case.

Ongoing cooperation in recent years with world class hospitals has enhanced our experience in this area, and combining this experience with the knowledge gained during that period, AVINENT has identified the key aspects of this value proposition.

The following ten points form the basis of a clear, added-value methodology to use on every complex case and daily challenge faced by the Patient Specific Implants area of the AVINENT Digital Health division.

  1. Handling patient data:

 More and improved patient data is constantly becoming available. We can ignore it, or use it to develop safer treatments. Classifying and knowing how to manage this data is vital. “Big Data” and new medical imaging formats are making the medical sector more patient focused, and we believe this is the approach for tackling new and complex problems.

  • New software: This mass of data must be managed using the latest software in the market with advanced capabilities. It is vital to understand that data and images can be handled in many different ways, enabling surgery to be planned in a virtual environment, the co-design of solutions on-line, and the creation of much more realistic anatomical models than were previously thought possible. Unless we have a broad understanding of these tools, we could miss out on major opportunities.
  • New professional profiles: multidisciplinary and creative. Our team includes bioengineers, industrial engineers, biologists, materials specialists, IT specialists, creative designers, etc. Combining all these skills helps us develop the most advanced solutions.
  • Cutting-edge technology/3D printing: It is vital to have the most advanced technology, but knowing how to make the most of it is even more important. We rely on all our strategic partners for this, who share their knowledge with us. Our production plant uses ten different types of 3D printing technology, High Speed Manufacturing technology and our production capabilities include hundreds of CNC turning machines, milling machines, computer vision, surface treatments and fully-controlled secondary operations to ensure the most suitable process is used for each product.
  • Materials: we cultivate close cooperative relationships with suppliers to keep up to date with the latest advances in next generation materials. We work with leading players in the sector and our solutions are based on a wide range of materials, including PEEK, polyamide, titanium, cobalt-chrome, and photopolymer resins. The material and its method of use can differ for each case.
  • Professional cooperation: we have developed a communication system with dental professionals that helps us define and design each product on an individualised basis. This relationship has enabled us to develop excellent solutions to major challenges in the maxillofacial and implant fields. New communication tools allow us to work even more quickly and efficiently.
  • Science: Our solutions include biological surfaces created and patented by our team, with the science approved and corroborated by national top universities, with numerous scientific publications and promising new lines of research for the future, such as bioprinting bone material.
  • Quality: If every product is unique, our quality control department must adopt the same approach with their work. This is why our solutions are subject to comprehensive rigorous quality control procedures, guaranteed through TÜV certification and complying with the strictest international healthcare standards.
  • Responsive service and support: the best way to share and expand our knowledge is by learning from our mistakes and successes after conversing with professionals that have faith in us. We convey this know-how to anyone willing to try using innovative solutions. We will answer every question and query that customers may have about our services, products, and solutions that could potentially improve a patient’s treatment.
  1. Human values: the entire AVINENT team works to guarantee satisfaction and ensure that every patient and case is a success story. Our understanding of the patient’s needs is evident in our treatments and our desire to provide a responsive and efficient service further demonstrates this collaborative awareness. Being aware of the consequences of our actions means that we can provide rapid and responsible solutions.

These ten aspects provide clear added value to our solutions. We aim to be leaders of technological change in the medical sector, based on scientific rigour and responsibility.  Our commitment to applying these principles to everything that we do is intended to provide total peace of mind and confidence to the customer, and ultimately, the patient.

1996. Degree in Economics

Education & Qualification

                  (Barcelona Autonomous University – UAB)

1998. Degree in Business Administration

  (Barcelona Autonomous University – UAB)

  (1 year Exchange Program – MIBP – at Ottawa University, Canada)

1999. Master in International Studies

  (CIDOB, Barcelona)

2001. Master in European Economic Studies

  (Europe College, Bruges-Belgium)

In the field of academic training, he graduated in Economics (1996) and in Business Administration and Management (1998) at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). Afterwards, he has done postgraduate studies related to the international economy in different centers, Ottawa University (Canada), Fundació CIDOB (Barcelona), College of Europe (Belgium).

In 2006, he held the position of Managing Director of AVINENT Implant System, a leading company for both, dental implantology and personalized prostheses with CAD-CAM technology, and in the application of 3D printing systems in the field of personalized medical technologies

Currently, he is CEO of the AVINENT Science & Technology, corporation which embraces the activities of Vilardell Purtí  for the industrial sector, as well as Avinent’s and Avinent Digital Health activities for the health and medical sector.

Other positions recently occupied:

– Institut Bioenginyeria de Catalunya (IBEC) – Member of the Business Council

– Patronal Metalúrgica del Bages – Board Member

– CataloniaBio & HT – Board Member

– Fundació AMPANS – Board Member

– HealthTech Cluster – President 2014 – 2016

– Universitat Central de Catalunya – Board Member (2013-2017)

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