Albert Giralt Cadevall

1996. Degree in Economics

Education & Qualification

                  (Barcelona Autonomous University – UAB)

1998. Degree in Business Administration

  (Barcelona Autonomous University – UAB)

  (1 year Exchange Program – MIBP – at Ottawa University, Canada)

1999. Master in International Studies

  (CIDOB, Barcelona)

2001. Master in European Economic Studies

  (Europe College, Bruges-Belgium)

In the field of academic training, he graduated in Economics (1996) and in Business Administration and Management (1998) at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). Afterwards, he has done postgraduate studies related to the international economy in different centers, Ottawa University (Canada), Fundació CIDOB (Barcelona), College of Europe (Belgium).

In 2006, he held the position of Managing Director of AVINENT Implant System, a leading company for both, dental implantology and personalized prostheses with CAD-CAM technology, and in the application of 3D printing systems in the field of personalized medical technologies

Currently, he is CEO of the AVINENT Science & Technology, corporation which embraces the activities of Vilardell Purtí  for the industrial sector, as well as Avinent’s and Avinent Digital Health activities for the health and medical sector.

Other positions recently occupied:

– Institut Bioenginyeria de Catalunya (IBEC) – Member of the Business Council

– Patronal Metalúrgica del Bages – Board Member

– CataloniaBio & HT – Board Member

– Fundació AMPANS – Board Member

– HealthTech Cluster – President 2014 – 2016

– Universitat Central de Catalunya – Board Member (2013-2017)

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