Bill Neumann & Dr. Anthony Stefanou

Bill Neumann is a dental industry veteran with 15+ years of experience in all facets of the industry. He is a DSO consultant, CEO and partner at Group Dentistry Now & JoinDSO, and partner in an M&A firm, Connect the Dents. Bill co-founded the first print publication for DSOs, Efficiency in Group Practice, launched the first app for dental product literature, videos, and information, Dental Sales Pro Connect, founded the first dental industry networking platform, Dental Sales Pro, invented the iBarrier, a disposable infection control sleeve, and managed and trained a sales force for dental manufacturer, Coltene/Whaledent. Bill is an advisor for the ADSO and several other dental companies. He sits on the board of Dental Lifeline Network, serves on the OSAP conference committee, and is a public speaker on DSO topics at many dental events.

Anthony Stefanou D.M.D.

Dental Professional and Business Career Highlights 

  • 1987 grad of Tufts University School of Dental Medicine – private practice to 2007 (still licensed)
  • Founder/Managing Partner of Connect the Dents, LLC,  an M & A (Mergers & Acquisitions) advisory company for dental companies—manufacturers, dealers, DSO’s, organizations (
  • Partner and– online information resource for those involved with, or interested, in the DSO/group dentistry sector
  • Co-founder/Partner – SWYPdental – app /website – (www.swypdental.cominformation aggregator
  • Founder – TriviaDent – a fun way for dental professionals to learn and win prizes and cash!
  • Founder/President of the Dental Sales Academy and “How to Sell to Dental Offices” and “How to Market to Dental Offices” workshops  (
    • Trained 20,000 people from 300+ dental companies through workshops and seminars on better understanding the psychology behind “Why dentists buy”
  • Developer of the OPA (Objective Practice Appraisal) program – an accurate way to determine the value of dental practices now licensed by dozens of consultants
  • Featured speaker at over 100 National/International Sales Meetings (manufacturers, dealers)
  • former NYC territory practice transitions consultant for Paragon Dental Transitions
  • Former “Ask the Expert” columnist (lead article) and Advisory Board member for First Impressions magazine (2011-2018)
  •  Founder of “Beyond the Operatory” workshop program, which assists dentists, hygienists, and office managers as to learning about non-clinical/office dental income stream options and career opportunities
  • Corporate advisor and Business Development consultant for dozens of dental companies (launch, well established, and product line expansion)
  • National Sales Director and Director of Professional Relations for several companies, including an oral hygiene product line and a periodontal risk assessment/disease analysis software program
  • VP of Sales & Marketing for a dental technology company
  • Former member, Academy of Dental Management Consultants (ADMC)
  • Developed and trained sales teams from scratch AND from six to several hundred in size 
  • Former Director of External Relations, Oral Health America (non-profit organization)  
  • Clinical and business articles published in many other dental publications including The Profitable Dentist, RDH, Dental Entrepreneur, The Progressive Dentist, and Proofs
  • Former Senior Director, Dental Education, for Advanced Studies in Dentistry

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