Brandelyn Cameron

I could ramble on about my academic background and career accomplishments here, but I’m in marketing and that’s boring! So instead, I’m going to tell you a story and if you still want to check my creds…you can visit my LinkedIn profile.

“It all started the day I woke up and said…I wonder if… “

You see…I have spent my professional career assisting dental and medical practices with achieving their full potential by implementing practice efficiencies through the use of technology, eliminating redundancies with automation and helping navigate the complex world of advertising for highly regulated professionals. Now…don’t get me wrong, I love it…(I eat, breath, and sleep it actually) but something was missing.  

I am a natural born creative, a self-proclaimed perfectionist with a penchant for property styling that happens to suffer from a severe case of visual OCD, so in my world…image is everything. Couple this with an undergraduate degree in Community Studies & Communication – with an obsession for Social Media, Digital Marketing, Blogging and Webdesign, and you have one heck of a creative whirlwind bursting at the seams.  

So I decided to kick my ‘wonder if’ moment into high gear. I wondered what it would take to get my creative work published. So I pitched my designs to a couple of magazines, and received my first Editor rejection email the following day. However, the phone call that followed a couple of days later resulted in a meeting with the Publisher of an even larger magazine who requested a 2 page article within 24 hours if I thought I had what it takes. (Double-dare me I say)  

Within 2 months, I was promoted from a regular Contributor to the Home & Design Editor, started Co-Hosting Daytime Ottawa (following a few regular appearances), and later given a co-producer role as the Host of Ottawa Experts.  

So what do you do when you have developed a digital marketing strategy that works (…just ask Kevin O’Leary his thoughts on customer acquisition) and been given the opportunity to learn from highly affluent business development experts?  

You share…SHARE THE WEALTH…the wealth of knowledge that is.  

Join me and learn how you can Differentiate Your Practice in a Highly Competitive Market.


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