Chris Kabot

Chris Kabot is a digital dentistry expert based out of Detroit, specializing in additive manufacturing/3D Printing. Currently Chris is the manager of digital workflows for The Aurum Group and Core3D North America. Previously Chris held roles with inventor of the 3D Printer, 3D Systems, as well as the dental 3D printing company, EnvisionTec.  

In the early days of his career,  Chris pioneered one of the first 3D printed surgical systems for oral and maxillofacial surgeries known as Ibur BioSystems. Chris has been honored to win multiple awards from the 3D printing and dental industries for his contributions to digital dentistry. Improving the quality of life for patients with this ground breaking technology perfectly illustrates the promise digital has in the dental industry.

Course Title: “The Additive Revolution in Dentistry”

This informative course on 3D Printing will showcase the current state of dental 3d Printing along with tips & tricks for how to implement this exciting digital technology efficiently for any dental professional.

• Course aim: Beginner
• Keywords: 3D Printing, Digital Dentistry, Digital Dentures, Treatment Planning, 3shape, exocad

Course Outline:
• Intro to 3D Printing
o Types of dental 3d printing technologies
o Accuracy vs Resolution
o What to look out for, what to avoid with 3D printing

• Optimizing design for 3D printing
o Open source dental design and 3D printing
o 3shape/Exocad and 3D printing

• How to most effectively implement 3d printing into your daily life
o When to print in house
o When to outsource

• Future implications of dental 3d printing
o Biocompatible polymers
o Bio-Printing

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