Dr. Miguel Stanley

No Half Smiles®: How to plan success into your practice.

The No Half Smiles treatment philosophy was created well over a decade ago by Dr Stanley in order to reduce stress in the workplace, improve the success rate of all cases and create an overall positive management concept that would bring happiness  not only to the patient, but also to the team. If you are looking for practice management concepts that bring quality dentistry to the forefront of the decision making process, then this course is for you. 

 Many practitioners in private practice have a difficult task of managing their practice as well as having the responsibility of performing complex treatments on their patients. Learn how to change your thought process through selective case selection , improving the overall success rate of your clinical cases and your clinics reputation. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the importance of case selection to avoid costly risk and complications in your practice.
  • How to better communicate your challenges to your patients to improve the perceived value of your treatments.
  • How to turn your patient into a partner and not simply a client
  •  Dr Stanley and his team use and amazing amount of digital dental technology to improve the interdisciplinary workflow. Learn how to implement this change in your practice.

Our event Emcee, Dr. Miguel Stanley is the founder and CEO of White Clinic based in Lisbon, Portugal. He is the clinical director and responsible for a large team of dental specialists focused on complex cosmetic oral rehabilitation.

Dr. Miguel Stanley has been practising since 1998, having graduated from ISCS-Egas Moniz and taken his post graduate training at the Branemark CEOSA center in Madrid in 1999, completing his training in cosmetic dentistry in 2000, at the same faculty. He then went on to train in functional aesthetics and occlusion in Chicago in 2005. He is continuously updating his education, with over 300 hours of ongoing education per year, and has a passion for new technologies in dentistry.

Dr Stanley is also the co founder of Slow Dentistry (slowdentistry.com) and will share his vision on how going slow can be a great practice builder.

He is a board member of Digital Dentistry Society representing the Communication Committee, responsible for its global expansion. He’s been an active member and expert provider for dental XP since 2009. He is licenced to practice in Portugal, in the U.K. and in Dubai.

Dr Stanley was also invited by Professor Raman Bedi from King ́s College of London to participate on the Global Child Dental Fund and become the global ambassador to stop IOM (Infant Oral Mutilation).

Dr Stanley is the host of the first ever National Geographic documentary made about Dentistry and White Clinic was one of the locations where it was filmed.  You can check out the documentary here:

new boundaries of dentistry - dr miguel stanley


tedx talk - dr miguel stanley

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