Dr. Pamela Marzban

It’s About U: Unified Vision + Unleashed Team = Unequivocal Success

Course description:

Get re-inspired and recharged as Dr. Pam Marzban share’s her story and lessons she learned along the way to help you redefine a clear vision and create strategic goals to keep your business thriving.

Learn how to be a better leader and how to hire team members that are the right fit for you. Sharpen your delegation skills to increase production and teach your team accountability for a collaborative approach towards success.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover an approach for creating an empowering practice vision and strategic goals
  • Refine a system for locating and inspiring people that are the right fit for you
  • Learn to who, the how and the what to delegate to empower your team to have ownership of their responsibilities.

Short Bio

Earned her degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2000. She is a clinical instructor at VCU, a writer for the AGD and a speaker, and consultant on the business side of Dentistry. She serves on the Board of ICCMO and VDA and has a full time practice in Northern Virginia.

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