Judge Jodi

Judge Jodi Debbrecht Switalski, often called a “warrior” and “savage advocate” served as a former Metro Detroit felony prosecutor with a perfect trial record before being appointed by the Governor of Michigan to the bench.  She earned distinguished appointments during her judicial tenure to state and legislative committees and proudly founded and enhanced several treatment courts.

She now practices law, including medical malpractice litigation, and consults with medical and dental groups around the country. Judge Jodi speaks and consults for 100’s of events annually on diverse topics. Her most distinguished engagements include the International Conference on Opioids at Harvard Medical School, Boston University’s SCOPE of Pain, MD Anderson Cancer Hospital and instructor at the US Probation Conference and Madonna University’s Law Enforcement Leadership Institute.

She is a frequent guest on TV and has appeared in and consulted on several documentaries, one on PBS, and another pending for HBO.  She has numerous publications including, “Where My JD Meets Your MD” and “Your Name is on the Bottle.”


Dental Liabilities and America’s Controlled Substance Epidemic: the duty to inform, monitor and document as proven solutions for better treatment and reducing civil and criminal liabilities

There are 17.6 million reasons why every practitioner should attend this presentation and they are measured in dollars and cents.  Deaths directly related to prescriptions for controlled substances continue to skyrocket, litigation trends have turned the cross hairs directly at the medical and dental practitioner.

Dentists and oral surgeons account for a significant number of prescriptions for opioids and benzodiazepines annually and currently rank 5th in most prescriptions written.  Parents report, often in litigation testimony, “no one told us they were addictive.”  Who is the no one?  The short answer: the practitioner.

This presentation, by Judge Jodi, will focus on the state of the current epidemic, standards of care for dental practitioners, recommendations, guidelines, tools and best practices for protecting your patient, you practice and your community. No longer is the dental community immune from litigation so the necessity to create or amend current practices for writing prescriptions, the duty to inform patients and then monitor them for signs of dependency are critical to the function of every practice.

You, and your practice, cannot afford (literally) not to attend this presentation.  The take away is extraordinary and you will leave empowered to DO SOMETHING.

Attendees: Doctors & Staff

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